Move Add Change (MAC) Process Management

While many of the support systems developed by MEP engineers can be commissioned individually (e.g. UPS, HVAC, etc.), IT professionals are faced with the unique problem that their equipment cannot be commissioned unless all infrastructure, including support systems, is in place and working properly. Addressing the concerns of IT and Telecommunications Managers who are responsible for networking equipment, cabling, and support systems is achieved with a disciplined Moves-Adds-Changes (MAC) Process to ensure a successful project.

MAC can be defined as the process and administration necessary when electronic hardware or components are added to, removed from or relocated in the data center or other critical environment. A MAC program is implemented to provide the engineering and consulting services required to successfully install, relocate, and/or de-install data center equipment.

Implementation of a MAC program allows for any changes to the data center environment to be tracked “cradle-to-grave”. A clear load management profile is maintained including equipment to be installed, affected infrastructure (UPS, HVAC, etc.), and engineering required to install the equipment safely and effectively. Controlled planning and execution of equipment changes in the Data Center using MAC will assure accurate documentation, sufficient UPS power, proper cooling levels, preservation of redundancy, and overall increased reliability of mission critical applications.